“A band that is able to successfully blend the sensibilities of pop with the freedoms of improvisation and avant-garde is but a rare gem and one band that is just this would be Melbourne based five-piece On Diamond.”  - Noisegate
“This band manages to do something rare these days which is to create/craft a unique sound.. If you want some pointers then it can be described as Murray Street era Sonic Youth in terms of avant rock guitar elements combined with Sandy Denny like vocalese, and in respect of contemporary Aussie music the nearest comparison would be Tropical Fuck Storm, or that band’s predecessors The Drones.” - Aural Delights, UK

“It’s a winner” - Pilerats

“Sharp, luminous songs” - Triple R FM

This album is a GEM!! - PBS FM

“A breath of fresh air” - Forte Magazine

“On Diamond stands in good company with a growing list of critically lauded, melodic but experimental, interior-psychological explorers, like Jenny Hval, Julia Holter or, closer to home and no less powerful, Happy Axe, Medicine Voice or, of course, Evelyn Ida Morris...
It’s an arresting debut, as lyrically sweet as it is confrontingly blunt, intimately traumatic as it is sweeping and grand. It’s strange when you think about it, how the possession of inner demons and the charisma to unleash them, is a time-honoured path to making the best rock’n’roll.” -

“Clarity underpins every element on this recording. Each percussive strike from Moles feels like it’s called for, like it’s been placed, and each twitter and rumble from Cameron’s (or is it McConnachie’s?) guitar feels right. What a joy (and relief) to hear a guitarist using noise in a tasteful and balanced way.”
- Loudmouth

“ A stunning collection of artistically nuanced songs.. On Diamond’s ability to match themes with music becomes more pertinent with each listen.” - Sungenre